Married To a Narcissist? Watch Your Back!


I’m not a woman who needs or wants to be rescued, not now, not before I married. My life was not mundane, it was not filled with struggles and I definitely didn’t marry so some strong, financially viable man could rescue me. I married for love and partnership not out of the need to have […]

Women “Choose” Bad Men? Seriously?!?!

Confused Woman2

There is a misconception by some that women who become involved with bad men do so purposefully. If you’ve spoken with a self-proclaimed “good guy” about the subject I’m sure you’ve heard the“women only want bad guys” line. Yada, yada, yada. I was working on a web design project for a woman who had written […]

The HUGE Dating Mistakes Most Of Us Make

Dating Mistakes

If I had my way the word “date” would not be part of the English language. There would be a less stressful way of finding a future mate. What, I don’t know, but definitely less stressful. The “dating game” and the mechanics of it set most of us up to make this one huge mistake…appearing […]

Feelings: Are You a Suppressor Or and Expressor?

Expressing Feelings

Do you express your feelings or, suppress your feelings? How one feels about their feelings and what they do with them can have either a positive or negative affect on their marriage. I had a conversation over the weekend with a friend and this subject came up. We talked about how our exes were convinced we […]

Sexual or Emotional: How Do You Define Unfaithfulness?

Cheating Wife

Webster’s defines infidelity as unfaithfulness to the marriage vow or contract; a violation of the marriage contract by adultery. If you have ever been the victim of a cheating husband, you know it is much more. Infidelity is the breaking of trust that has negative consequences in every area of your life. The first step in surviving a […]